Level Assessment


If you have not yet taken a look at our level description, have a read through those sample sentences and vocabulary. You will have a rough idea of the difficulty of each level.

Foundation course description click here.

Level 1-3 (beginner) course description click here.

Level 4-6 (intermediate) course description click here.

Level 7-9 (advanced) course description click here.

Professional course description click here.

If you are still unsure, feel free to fill out this form and receive an estimated level assessment.

This form is not enough to describe your current Chinese skills? Write in the comment section in detail and we will get in touch with you to further discuss your level :)

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Choose an option that best describes your Chinese background
Select the words/sentences you recognise *
Select an option where you recognise and understand at least 80% of the Chinese characters
Please translate as many as you could without external help. 1. 我叫王力。 2. 你是中国人吗? 3. 谁在学中文? 4. 他们的爸爸妈妈都会写英文。 5. 这个包便宜一点可以吗? 6. 现在有很多人和亚洲国家合作做生意。 7. 深圳希望在明年设计建筑世界一流的体育场馆。 8. 国内的政治制度有可能被政府改革。
Give us more details on your previous Chinese learning or your Chinese background.