Translation and Interpreting Services

We provide both Translation and Interpreting Services.

Translation | 翻译

We offer Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) to English, and English to Chinese (Simplified) translation services.

Who will benefit from this?

  • Organisations that need documents, articles, presentations, marketing material accessible to a broader community.

  • University and College students who require assistance in creating clarity in their work.



  • 商业机构或社区:需要翻译普通文件、文章、演讲/演讲稿、宣传资料(宣传单,网站等)

  • 个人:大学、预科学生需要翻译作文、论文/研究论文、演讲稿、小组讨论稿、作业要求等

Interpreting | 口译

We offer English to Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and English to Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) interpreting services. Interpreting types include consecutive interpreting, chuchotage/whispered interpreting and negotiation interpreting.

Who will benefit from this?

  • Organisations that will be presenting meetings and conferences to Chinese-speaking clients.

  • Chinese organisations that are visiting Australia for business purposes.



  • 各种机构:需要与中国的客户举行会议、做演讲展示等

  • 中国机构:需要在澳洲进行商业访问、商业会议等


Fees for services | 费用

We charge translation services by per 100 words. The rate starts from CHI -> ENG $11.00 per 100 words, ENG -> CHI $10.00 per 100 words depending on the type of content and time frame. The closer to the deadline, the higher the rate.

We charge interpreting services by the hour. The rate starts from $65 depending on the specialisation of the content. The normal work hours of an interpreter will be 9am~5pm and the rate of interpreting services provided outside of these hours will need to be negotiated.

翻译费用按每100字计算。价格从$11 起,取决于文件的类别和需要的截至日期。截至日期越接近,价格越高。


Contact Us | 联系我们

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Clarification | 澄清

Our translation and interpreting services are for personal, community and business purposes only. Please seek specialised and government-appointed translation agency for legal document translation or legal interpreting.