Foundation Course 

Our foundation course is suitable for anyone who is a complete beginner and wants to start learning Chinese.

*Crash course option*: The standard term for this course is 10 weeks but the course can also be done in the format of an intense crash course which will be 5 two-hour lessons in total taught over the course of 4-5 weeks. (Contact us for more information on crash courses)

This will be a great starting point for complete beginners and a great refresher for those who are rusty and looking to brush up on their Chinese basics before going into a high level course.

Course Objectives

Students Learn about:

  • The Chinese PinYin System (vowels, consonants etc.)

  • The four (five) tones in Chinese

  • The modal particles in Chinese (e.g. a, la, ya, ne…)

  • The Chinese pictographs

  • The strokes and the stroke order

  • Radicals and components

  • Parts of speech

  • Basic word order and sentence structures

  • Sentence types

  • Interrogative construction

  • Punctuations

    and more…

Students Learn to:

  • read and write PinYin for Chinese characters

  • distinguish different vowels, consonants, and tones (and pronounce Chinese like a pro)

  • understand the use of modal particles

  • use modal particles in sentences

  • read and write Chinese pictographs

  • write Chinese characters through the correct stroke order

  • recognise different sentence types

  • construct statements and questions

  • use punctuations correctly

    and more…

Sample Lesson structure


Teacher does:

Overview of the lesson (written on board)

  1. Self-introduction in both Chinese and English

  2. Breakdown of the self-introduction and introduce simple sentence structures

  3. Introduction of the PinYin system and tones

  4. Introduction of Chinese pictographs

  5. Introduction of strokes and stroke order

  6. Introduction of radicals and components

  7. Introduction of sentence types and sentence structures

Students will:

  1. Listen to the teacher’s Chinese self-introduction and try to guess the English meaning

  2. Use the simple sentence structures to construct a basic self-introduction in Chinese

  3. Use their new knowledge of the PinYin system and tones to improve their pronunciation in their self-introduction

  4. Find the pictographs used in the teacher’s self-introduction

  5. Learn to write these pictographs using the correct strokes and stroke order

  6. Use their new knowledge of radical and components to write the other characters in the self-introduction

  7. Learn a sentence structure and start to use it to create new sentences.

(Attend a lesson to find out more!)

More class details

Foundation classes are 1.5hr per lesson and 10 lessons per term.

If you miss a lesson, you can attend a make-up lesson of the same level in the same week (if available). Contact your teacher first to arrange your make-up session.

Textbooks can be accessed and downloaded via ‘classes-textbooks’. If you require a printed textbook, please include the request at enrolment.

What to bring to class? Just bring your textbook (whether it is a printed book or a digital book on your device), some pens and your enthusiasm! Worksheets or workbooks will be provided in the class.

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Can’t have a long-lasting building without a solid foundation.

Can’t build a foundation without proper scaffolding.