Cantonese Classes

We provide Cantonese classes to both adults and children.

Cantonese is considered a dialect of Chinese in China and is widely spoken in Guangdong Province, some cities in Guangxi Province, Hong Kong and Macau. The writing system of Cantonese is the same as Mandarin across mainland China (Simplified Chinese).

Our Cantonese classes focus on speaking and listening with some practice of Chinese writing in the style of colloquial Cantonese.

Private Classes

We offer private Cantonese classes which can be held at our office, your own home, or a place of your choosing (e.g. a café, library etc.). Private classes are great for students who would like a flexible timetable that will allow them to schedule the classes whenever they and the teacher are available. Privates classes can be held either as a one-on-one session or a group session.

Course materials and curriculum for private Cantonese classes will be tailored-made to accommodate the unique learning needs of the student/s.

Click here for class prices or contact us for more details.

Children Classes

We offer children Cantonese classes which can be taken as a group or privately. Our children’s classes will have a lot of language games and activities so kids will have fun while learning Cantonese!

Term 3 Cantonese group classes for children are now available for enrolment! See here for the timetable or click here to enrol.

If you are interested in private Cantonese lessons for children, please contact us for more detailed information.

Group Classes

Level 1

Level 1 aims to teach students all the basics of Cantonese, from vowels, consonants, tones to basic sentence structures, everyday vocabulary and common phrases. This level is suitable for anyone from complete beginners to those who have a little Cantonese background.

Sample sentences and vocabulary

你好,你叫咩名啊?lei ho, lei giu meh menng ah?

Hello! What’s your name?

早晨,你食左早餐未啊?Zhou sun, lei sik zho Zhou tsaan may ah?

Morning! Have you had breakfast yet?

Level 2

Level 2 aims to build on what students have learned from Level 1 and teach more vocabulary and phrases so students can start to construct longer and more dynamic sentences and conversations.

Sample sentences and vocabulary

我唔去行街啦。ngoh m heui hanng gai la.

I’m not going shopping.

点解啊?dim gai ah?


因为今日落好大雨啊。yun waui gum yeht lok hau dai yu ah.

Because it’s raining too heavily today.

Level 3

Level 3 aims to continue helping students build vocabulary and learn more complex sentence structures. This level will also focus on the use of modal particles and slangs.

Sample sentences and vocabulary

你琴日去左边?lei come yeht heui zho bin ah?

Where did you go yesterday?

我去左睇戏咋嘛。做咩啊?ngoh heui zho taai hey zha ma. zho meh ah?

I just went to the movies. Why?

无野啊,问下。mo yeh ah, muun ha tseh.

Nothing. Just asking.

有无搞错啊?yau mo gau cho ah?

Seriously? What’s wrong with you!

Level 4

In Level 4, students will learn to explain more complex topics and use accurate connectors and conjunctions to link sentences, forming logical and fluent speeches. Level 4 will also continue to introduce new vocabulary, phrases, sentence structures, and slangs.

Sample sentences and vocabulary


dai ga gum yeht gonng zho(k) dough hau sun foo, soh yee ngoh mai zho ga feh tonng mai saam muun jee bey dai ga sik.

Everyone has worked hard today, so I bought coffees and sandwiches for everybody to eat.

多谢晒啊。doh tseh sai ah.


哎呀,唔洗客气,随便拣。aiya, m saai ha(k) hey, cheui bin gaan.

Aiya, you’re welcome. Help yourselves.

Level 5

In Level 5, students will continue to learn more advanced vocabulary and phrases, constructing longer speeches and conversations with little help from the teacher.

Sample sentences and vocabulary


lei go(k) duh pau bouh deui gin hong hai m hai lei dai yu baei?

Do you think the health benefits of running outweigh the harms of running?


ngoh go(k) duh soh yau yeh dau yau hau yau m hau gei, zheui Zhong yiu hai si(k) hoh yee jee.

I think all things have their benefits and harms. The most important thing is moderation.