Beginner Mandarin Classes

These beginner courses are suitable for students who have finished the Foundation course and also for those who have learned Chinese before. (click here for a level assessment)

Level Objectives

Level 1 focuses on using real-life conversations or dialogues to teach students common vocabulary, sentences, grammar and character writing. Students will be taken through dialogues, sentence deconstruction and grammar, new vocabulary and character writing, targeting all 4 major language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to help students develop well-rounded Chinese abilities.

Level 2 follows a similar textbook structure to Level 1 with longer dialogues and new vocabulary and character writing. Level 2 will build on what students have learned from Level 1, helping them consolidate their prior knowledge as well as learning new knowledge.

Level 3 follows a similar textbook structure to Level 1 and Level 2 with more complex dialogues and more advanced vocabulary and character writing. Level 3 will focus more on application and creation. Students will have more opportunities to practise their Chinese and be creative with their sentences and choice of vocabulary.

Sample Sentences and Vocabulary

Level 1

我们上课吧。wo men shang ke ba. Let’s begin class.

你好 ni hao (Hello),中文 Zhong wen (Chinese),老师 lao shi (teacher),今天 jin tian (today),大家 da jia (everyone)

Level 2

虽然现在才三点,但是中学生已经下课了。sui ran Xian zai cai san dian, dan shi Zhong xue sheng yi jing xia ke le.

Although it is only 3 o’clock now, middle school students have already finished class.

虽然 sui ran (although),但是dan shi (but),已经 yi jing (already),才 cai (only)

Level 3

你手里拿着的那本书是我的。ni shou li na zhe de na ben shu shi wo de. The book you are holding in your hand is mine.

手里shou li (in the hand), 拿着 na zhe (holding), 的 de (adjective particle; possession marker)

More Class Details

Standard group beginner classes are 1.5hr per lesson and 10 lessons per term. If you miss a lesson, you can attend a make-up lesson of the same level or lower in the same week (if available). Contact your teacher first to arrange your make-up session.

Textbooks can be accessed and downloaded via ‘classes-textbooks’. If you require a printed textbook, please contact Cathy.

What to bring to class? Just bring your textbook (whether it is a printed book or a digital book on your device), some pens and your enthusiasm! Worksheets or workbooks will be provided in the class.