Private Lessons

We offer private sessions for students who wish to have a more flexible timetable, a personally-tailored curriculum and unique lesson plans.

How are they structured?

Private lessons can be taken in 1-hour sessions, 1.5-hour sessions, or 2-hour sessions. Generally, all private lessons are 10 sessions per package and can be taken in a timeframe that is the most suitable for the student/s. It is recommended to have 1-2 sessions per week depending on your schedule for optimal Chinese learning. Private lessons can start at any time and do not run on a fixed schedule.

What are the benefits of private classes?

  • Personalised Curriculum. In private sessions, your instructor will have a better understanding of what your unique learning style is and what learning needs you have.

    • For example, if you would like to focus more on listening and speaking, your instructor will develop a curriculum that emphasises on conversational skills.

    • Also, if you would like to learn more vocabulary, phrases and sentences that are specific to your work or your discipline, your teacher will also take it into consideration when preparing for your lessons.

  • Focused Learning. As private sessions are generally small-sized, student/s will have the opportunity to practise Mandarin as much as possible with the instructor, ask any questions they want, and digest new knowledge at their own pace.

  • Flexible Timetable. Students are free to cancel and reschedule their lessons provided that they inform the instructor at least 24 hours before the scheduled class. Otherwise, they may be charged a small fee for cancelling class last minute.

  • Attend any group course to receive a discount! If you would like to have a more intensive Chinese learning experience or would like to be in a group-learning environment, you can enrol, in addition to your private lessons, into our available group courses and receive a discount on the group class tuition fees.

  • Convenient Location. Having private lessons means that you can choose a location that is the most convenient for you. We can arrange lessons at your home, a location of your choosing or at our office.


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