Academic Services | 学术类服务

Our Academic services consist of University and College assignment assistance, essay marking, editing and proofreading. We mainly assist university or foundation studies students with their academic assignments such as essays, research paper, presentations and so on.

We DO NOT do your assignments for you under any circumstances. We only look at your grammar, your overall logic, your referencing format and so on and we will discuss all the changes with you.

We will also help you look at whether your assignment has met the requirements from the university, so when you are sending over your assignment, please also send over the assignment requirement you received from the university. In this way, we can help you proofread your essay to ensure the language limitation will not affect the quality of your work.

Other academic services:

We can also teach you how to use Office 365 tools to assist your learning.

Who will benefit from this?

  • English as an additional language/dialect learners

  • Students with reading and writing difficulties







  • 英语作为第二语言的海外学生

  • 读写困难的学生


Where to send? | 邮箱发送地址

send to:

When you email your work to us, please write in the subject line:

”Academic service - essay (or presentation etc.) + your name”



“学术服务 - 作文(标注作业的类型)+ 你的名字”


Fees | 费用

We charge academic services at $30/hour.

Normally a 1000-1500 word essay will take about 1 hour. A 1500-2000 word essay will take about 1.5 hours. An essay with over 2000 words will take 2 hours or more. We will have a brief look at your essay first and give you an estimated finish time. If we think it will take longer, we will discuss with you first.