Writing Workshops

We offer writing workshops for students who would like to focus on practising and improving their Chinese reading and writing skills.

Workshop Structure

Basic structure

Each workshop lasts for 1 hour and consists of different reading and writing exercises. For the first 15 minutes of the workshop, students will read, comprehend and analyse a written Chinese text. For the rest of the workshop, students will construct a piece of Chinese writing with help from the instructor.


Each workshop will provide worksheets of different levels of difficulty, including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students can choose a worksheet that best suits their level. The instructor will also walk around the class to provide support.

Modern Twist

With the advancement of technology, Chinese writing is not limited to handwriting on paper anymore. In our workshops, in addition to traditional handwriting, we will also teach you how to type Chinese characters and how to construct text messages/emails etc. on a device. 📱

Who can attend the workshops?

Students with any level of Chinese skills are welcomed to attend the workshops.

What to bring to each workshop?

Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm to learn! Also bring your own notebook if you wish (but not necessary). You can also bring with you an electronic device to write on. Worksheets, pens and blank paper will be provided in the workshop.

Workshop Timetable

(All workshops will start running from February 4th , 2019)

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