Useful resources


Chinese New Year

Do you know which date the 2019 Chinese New Year falls on? Check out this website to explore and learn more about CNY and the Chinese culture:


China Daily

This Newspaper is called ‘China Daily’ and it is a major official Chinese newspaper platform. Check it out:

Social Media

CC Lingo

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South China Morning Post

For those who are interested in learning Cantonese, there is a video segment called ‘Blowing Water’ on South China Morning Post on Facebook that talks about interesting Cantonese phrases. The videos are mostly 1-2 minutes long but the presenter explains very well.


‘If you are the one - 非诚勿扰’

China has a very popular dating show called ‘If you are the one - 非诚勿扰’. It is available on SBS. This show makes audience world-wide obsessed with watching it as it is very eye-opening to watch the traditional marriage/dating values collide with the modern thinking of many women/men.

‘Go Fighting - 极限挑战’

‘Go Fighting - 极限挑战’ is another widely-known show that is classified as a game-variety-reality show. Even though it is considered a game show, the content is often thought-provoking and provides controversial social commentary that causes it to be pulled off air from time to time by the National Radio and Television Administration. The show can be watched on YouTube (English subtitles available).