Conversational Workshops

We offer conversational workshops to anyone who wants to focus on practising their Chinese conversational skills.

Workshop Structure

Basic Structure

Each workshop is 1 hour long and has a different topic. For the first 20 minutes, the instructor will introduce the sentence structures, phrases, and vocabulary relevant to the workshop topic. For students who have attended our group courses, this section will be a good revision. For students who have not done a group class with us before, this section will be extremely helpful in teaching them useful vocabulary and helping them jumpstart their Chinese learning! For the rest of the workshop, students will speak in Chinese and construct conversations, practising their pronunciation, tones and intonation with a study partner.

We will explore a wide range of topics from day-to-day life situations such as introducing yourself, making small talk, going shopping, eating at a restaurant, travelling and making friends to more professional settings such as meeting with a customer/client, making a speech, extending an invitation etc.


We are aware that students will have different skills of Chinese speaking and listening, so we will provide materials that cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Beginner materials will provide PinYin and English translation, Intermediate materials will provide PinYin and some English translation, and Advanced materials will provide limited PinYin and no English translation.

You do not have to worry about understanding every single Chinese word in the materials provided in the workshops. Just start speaking and you will gradually understand more and more Chinese words!

Modern Twist

Since it is the 21st century, our workshops will also teach you about Internet slangs (often used in Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo), so you can sneak one in during a conversation with your Chinese friends/partner/colleagues and blow their minds. 😎

Who can attend the workshops?

Students with any level of Chinese skills can attend the workshops.

What to bring to each workshop?

Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm to learn! (Or bring a study buddy if you wish!)

Pens, paper and materials will be provided in the workshop.

Workshop Timetable

(All workshops will start running on Feb 4th, 2019)

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